Bee & Ess


Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t find the physical store? Where is it?

Only the truly worthy can see the store. Find yourself. Only then will you be able to find the store. We believe in you.

Where do you find your photographers?

We believe that children are the future. So we find the best child photographers and offer them invaluable experience.

Where do you get your inspiration?

If you read our story you would know it is our dead parents. Great. Ess is crying now. Thanks buddy.

Where do you stand on sweatshops?

We are completely against sweating in shops, so we keep our factories very cold.

Do you test products on animals?

Never. Like you, we love animals which is why we never do testing of any kind. We are proud to say that our products are 100% test-free.

How are your products so affordable?

We believe that every person deserves to have nice things — even the poorest rich people.